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Thread: Wet Tumbler / steel pin tumbler

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    Wet Tumbler / steel pin tumbler

    Wanted as above, possibly a Frankford arsenal wet tumbler for use with steel pin media - or other options not looking to spend 100's and 100's but something sensibly priced Thanks Jon, New or Used considered.

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    Read my post and make your own! Cost me 4.

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    Can you point me to the post please,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickb View Post
    Can you point me to the post please,

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    Humm, thanks but that may be too big for me and my bench!

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    Has anyone made a smaller one with any success?

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    I built one earlier this year but now that the Lyman Cyclone has been released I'm not sure if I would bother if I was starting today as I wouldn't have saved that much, this was the one I put together

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    I use a small rubber tub from one of the gem polishing outfits and spin it at 35rpm on my wood turning lathe.


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    I've got the Lyman Cyclone and it's excellent

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    Going down the same route as the ultrasonic cleaner packed in last week, as a cost saving alternative, found the following on Amazon and can get a kilo of S/S pins off amazon for 20 which would be a S/S wet media tumbler for less that's 100...

    anybody ever used or have thoughts on the tumbler?

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