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Thread: .22 WMR. Weihrauch + scope

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    .22 WMR. Weihrauch + scope


    Have for sale a HW 60 j in 22 WMR. In very good condition, has a couple superficial marks on forend area other than that in perfect working order

    it will come with a nearly new illuminated scope, 3-12 x 56 Nikon sterling and a sling

    shoots sub .50 at a hundred

    500.00 all in, excluding RFD

    Im happy to take you out foxng or rabbiting for a night if you want to try before you buy, if you are local to kent

    PM your e mail address and I will send pics, as I don't know how to upload pics on here


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    you should have pics now as per PM's



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    Quote Originally Posted by remmington.243 View Post
    Have you sold yet?

    Hi Remington

    its still here, I've edited the post a bit its screw cut and the scope is illuminated

    Have have had a couple of people ask for pics, everyone's busy busy at the moment, running off the xmas pud 🏃

    Only reason im selling is that I've ordered a blaser WMR barrel for my r93 to go with 22 LR otherwise it would stay here, it's two years old at the most, I recently sold its sister in 22 LR and 222 to guys on here as I get the barrels delivered from blaser, I've grassed a shed load of foxes with it from 30- 100 yds and they don't get up it's a lovely calibre for foxes and rabbits, it will go further with elevation, for me if it's over a 100 that's 222 country, then the 6.5 with a light load, its awesome as a short range foxing rifle I shoot the 25 grn NTX to good effect. Everyone has its place

    PM me an e mail address if you want some pics



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    No one want this lovely rifle - it will be going in for P/X in two weeks
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    Hi Philip,

    This little Weihrauch sounds nice.

    Where about are you in Kent? I'm based in London so you can't be that far...

    All the best,


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    Having bought Philip's weirhauch 222 I can say he looks after his rifles and whoever buys this won't be disappointed.

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    Hi nun_hunter,
    This is good to know and just waiting for Philip to reply.

    All the best,


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    Hi Guys

    apologies for not answering the thread

    The WMR has already gone as PX on a Weihrauch hw 60 j 22 hornet. It's with a gunshop in Brentford Essex up for sale I believe.

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