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Thread: New member from cornwall

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    New member from cornwall

    Hi all, been reading lots of threads on the forum over the last couple years so thought it time I make an introduction!

    My names Marc I live in mid Cornwall, been shooting since the age of 13 so by my calculations thats 20 years.
    I'm into my rifles in a big way and have been through a few but After many mistakes i found my prefect selection. I have a Callum ferguson built 6mm XC which is my baby and has accounted for many deer of all species but sika, I hope to bag one one of those in the future however
    i dona lot of foxing with a friend down here who has a lot of ground, I shoot a tikka t3 .223 housed in a grs stock with a drone pro 10x shooting a home load recipe and it has accounted for many Charlie's
    Callum is also building me a 6.5/284 which I can't wait to try
    I also have a .22 cz452 with n550 pulsar for bunnies and a .17 ruger all weather

    hoping to meet some local people who are as keen to shoot as I am

    cheers all


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks for the welcome guys


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