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Thread: .308 Barell length

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    .308 Barell length


    Is barrel length important when it comes to long range shooting?

    What length of barrel would you need to get a .308 bullet accuratly out to 1000yrds?

    What weight bullet would be best suited to this purpose?

    Any ideas on rifle?

    Trying to get hold of a rifle to shoot out to 1000yrds with.



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    Most guys are using 30" tubes which you need to push a 155gr bullet at the magic 3000fps this should still be super sonic at 1000yards.Savage make a FTR rifle with a factory 30" barrel.It may be worth buying something like a cheap remmy and rebarreling it.
    Cheers sean

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    As Sean said a longer barrel will give you the velocity and if you're not using a scope, a longer sight radius which will also help.
    I used my 20" out to 800yds the other day and even with a wind it was still going mostly where it was pointed and that was with a pedestrian 2500fps 155gr SMK.

    Wouldn't be competitive at a 1000yds though, I don't think.

    What rifle? As usual it'll depend on your budget...

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    HI Jason
    What type of shooting wil you be doing at 1000yds? and how much do you whant to spend? I have found the further you go the more you spend.

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    Hi Martin M,

    Fancy having a go at the F class events, fancy having a go at it for the moment, got a lot to learn re reading the wind at that range etc. But don't have bottom less pockets so was thing maximum would be 2K on the rifle.


    What makes of barrel are there out there and what makes a good one?


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    HI Jason I shoot F-Class but only manage to get to 1 or 2 comps a year as I also shoot Benchrest short range and long dont have time to do as many as I would like.
    Have you been to an F-class comp? always worth going just to chat to the .308 boys they wil let you know whats working for them. Sometimes guys are selling rifles which would be a cheaper way to get started. there is an F-Class web sight with a for sale section have a look there. if you whant to shoot .308 what ever bullet you chose you will need to keep it super sonic out to 1000 yds which is posible with the long barrels they are using 30+ and the new 155 Sierras. Barrels probably krieger Border Broughton are mostly used. new barrel fitted is around 600-700. I have just finished puting a rifle together for my Daughters boyfriend its a .308 rem VSSF fitted into an AI stock its mainly for F-C but he will also shoot 1000 yd BR with it he's going to be using 155 Sierras and 190 Berger VLD's. he also has a hunting stock for it so with a quick change he's of stalking.

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