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Thread: Sako 85 laminate vs wood

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    Sako 85 laminate vs wood

    Hi guys I am looking at buying a new .243 and had pretty much decided on a sako 85 with the grey laminate stock. Someone then mentioned the are noticeably heavier than a standard wooden stock. Any of you guys got one/used one or can put my mind at rest! I really don't want to get 6 months down the road and regret it as that would be an expensive mistake!! Thanks a lot!

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    I think that is a good choice, Sakos arent the lightest but usually shoot well.

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    By going for the laminate stock am I hindering myself further weight wise? I am only going for the regular barrel so that will keep the weight down slightly!

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    If possible go into a dealer who has both rifle's and put them on a decent set of scales if the shop has any. I wouldn't trust some of the manufacturers claimed weights either as they have a tendency to be a bit economical with the truth sometimes and underplay the true weight, often siting differing wood density as a reason for their inaccurate figures.

    Many gun testers just blindly quote the figures from the manufacturer also. As an example I recently bought a mint conditioned synthetic Beretta Urika AL 391 shotgun with a 28 inch barrel, Mike Yardley previously did a test on the exact same gun with the same barrel length and quoted 7lb as it's weight. It's actual true weight at 7lb 14 oz is obviously much closer to 8lb and being synthetic all the guns would have identical weights to start with... 14oz is a lot of weight difference!
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    Thanks for that, I will do that. I have picked the rifle up minus scope and moderator and it doesn't feel massively heavy, so hard to judge before you are fully set up though! They have got the new carbon lite 85 in there too, but that would stretch the budget too far! Do you think this rifle would be a mistake for a stalking rifle? Thanks again.

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    I think the laminate sporter would be fine for stalking.

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    I'm a big fan of the laminate stocks on Sako rifles. Moderators usually bring the biggest weight penalty on a rifle, not just in actual ounces but more because of where they sit.

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    Don't worry, the sako laminate is 7lb which is less than a blazer and no one seems to worry about that! They are great rifles. Previously I had a laminate stainless varmint 308 which was much heavier and coped ok with this. As said pick one up if it feels ok you will be fine.


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    More important than weight per se is the weight distribution and balance of a rifle. Weight in middle is good, weight at the ends just makes it awkward and a pain in the .... Stalking rifles are carried far more than they are shot, but a bit of weight does make a rifle so much easier to shoot. I like wood stocks, but these days a lot of factory stocks are mass produced and they are not machined to take into account the grain, rather as many are produced per plank as possible. I have looked at several new rifles where the wooden stock will break sooner rather than later. Laminate gets around this - you have the weight and feel of wood, but the stability and strength of a proper well laid out and seasoned stock.

    If you want to see proper strong stocks take a look at many old prewar stocks - not especially pretty, but strong.

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    I've had both at the same time and there is a slight difference in weight but certainly nothing you couldn't cope with. They are both good stocks but for me the Synthetic gets it as a lot easier to look after the laminate although nicer to look at just felt as though it was going to get scratched any minute. Good accurate out of the box rifle though so I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you go with.

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