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    DMAX Channel

    Fell upon the DMAX channel the other day showing a program called American Guns which featured a gunsmith called Gunsmoke in Colorado. They were asked by a chap to build a rifle for shooting Alligators. The chap that runs the shop sold him a right handed bolt action Mossberg (even though he was left handed) in .223 and a revolver for $6500. Made me laugh. Not only was it a massive overcharge, but I struggle to believe that with all his experience he thought that a bolt action .223 in the wrong hand was likely to fit the bill.

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    Yep should have been .17hmr��

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    ive seen a few of these and love it when they build a "sniper rifle" throwing a foot grouping at 100yrds, but the sad fact is that for most people this kind of ye-ha gun tooting show (and that is what it is just a show) is all they ever see about gun ownership and then asume that this is how we are with our guns

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    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Didn't the guy who ran the shop in Sons of Guns get nicked for being a paedophile as well?
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