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Thread: 270 or 308

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    270 or 308

    Moving to a new job soon with plenty of red deer so looking at getting an adequate rifle, would I be better with a 270 or 308 and which models do people recommend, any advice greatly appreciated

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    Hi mate, try before you buy is always good advice.Go to your local gunshot and ask to look at some rifles and see what you are most comfortable with.New rifles like the Tikka T3 and Browning X bolt are lightweight and accurate and won't break the bank.A look at Guntrader will give you a wide range of new and used rifles and give you an idea of prices. Happy hunting ! Mark.

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    I shoot 100gr copper bullets through my .270 win, it's legal for anything in the uk and kills everything cleanly with no meat damage. It's zeroed an inch high at 100 yards and drops about 5 inches when you get out to 300 yards. It's not much use beyond about 400 yards but it's a hunting gun. It's excellent up until then.
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    Over regular deer stalking ranges, not getting into the 300 yd plus sort of ranges, you can make a .308 behave very much like a 270 using a 110 bullet at 3300 fps or a 130 grain at 3100 fps. You can't feed a 270 with 220 grain bullets. There is not much that can give you the flexibility of a 30 cal, although it can be considered a bit overkill for UK species - there's not much we need to use a 220 grain bullet for!
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    Get a .30-06
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    1st thing don't listen to people on here.All you need to know is 270 and 308 both kill red deer it's your choice and as for the gun pick one you like the look of and what's not going to break the bank.
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    Don't be seduced by all the numbers, just get something that you are confident will shoot where you point it. I got a .270 for my first centrefire, but it didn't get used much after I got a .308, not that I have ever shot a Red Deer, or am ever likely to shoot in Scotland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    1st thing don't listen to people on here.All you need to know is 270 and 308 both kill red deer it's your choice and as for the gun pick one you like the look of and what's not going to break the bank.
    1st thing I'd say is, don't listen to anyone that say's don't listen to anyone on here or you wouldn't have bothered asking the question on here in the first instance?!

    Either calibre will do the job well. However, you may well find it easier to source a .308 as well as ammo for it as they are more common. Do you prefer a long or a short action? You may well find a cheap .270 as they are not that popular these days as they used to be. .270 ammo is likely to be less common and probably more expensive too. A .270 will generally need a longish barrel to perform at its best which may make a rifle heavier than you'd like if hill stalking? A .270 is also pretty fierce if you intend to use it un-moderated. Might be worth keeping an open mind and see what is available before making the final decision?

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    With a mod on both calibers are nice to shoot.... just go to a gunshop and find the rifle that's most comfortable and not too heavy as you'll be fitting a mod.... and days on the hill with a heavy rifle aren't good on the knees!!

    The 270 will have the slight edge at 200 yards for trajectory with a 130 grain bullet.... but there's not much to choose between the 308 and the 270 in practical hill stalking terms. On the estate I worked on we used 243.. 25-06..308... and 270. All did the job and put deer on the ground. The head stalker used the 25-06.... the estate owner used the 308 and the guests used the 243..... the 270 was my beast.

    Regarding choice of rifle.... stainless and synthetic as a work rifle..... a lightweight mod.... not necessarily the quiet but one that is light! Because you'll also have a scope and bipod to account for!!

    As you live and work in scotland ammo for either caliber will be in good supply..... so no worries there.
    And action length tends to go unnoticed when you're actually out shooting the deer.... in fact a few things go unnoticed. ... cold toes.....dribbling snot...... water running round the nads........ felt recoil.... bullet weight......
    You get the picture....

    And...... you don't need ridiculously expensive optics on the hill... most shooting takes place between 10 am and 2pm..... no need for mega low light capabilities and price tag....

    Im assuming your mainly doing hill work. ..
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    get a .308, it has many different ammo options and will kill any UK legal species. It is a very reliable and proven cartridge. I would recommend a Tikka or Sako, either will never fail you when you pull the trigger! A 270 is a good calibre, however ammo of the .308 is easier to come by!

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