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    Heym sr30

    I got a new job recently, the money is better than the old job, and sometimes towards the summer i hope to splurge on a new rifle. What i have had my eye on is the heym sr30 straight pull, in probably .308 or .30-06. I want a straight pull, but find the blasers ugly and grossly overpriced.

    Has anyone on here any experience of this rifle ?

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    I have a L/H SR30 Classic in .308 that I've owned for well over 20 years. It's not decorated, but is still very pleasing to look at thanks to nice walnut and properly polished-and-blued steel. The action is safe, fast and strong. The rifle comes up into the shoulder easily and shoots straight.

    Downsides? Not much. The receiver, and therefore the bolt throw, is longer than it needs to be for a .308 (so you may as well get a .30-06) and the set trigger is far from feather-light. (Actually, I like this, as when set the trigger gives you a "normal" pull, leaving you with a heavier pull for fast work, as when shooting driven game.)

    I don't at all dislike Blasers, and I've no doubt that an R8 would be a better choice if driven game is your thing, but after more than two decades of shooting my SR30 I've no regrets about buying it.

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    Thanks mr.gain. The blasers are amazing rifles, but seem very overpriced to me. Pity heym don't use a shorter action for the .243, .308 etc. Looks like it will be .30-06 so.

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    Have you considered a second-hand Mauser 66?

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    All Heyms are very nice rifles. Yes they only make one action length so I would go for 30-06 as opposed to 308, especially if you are shooting boar. 30-06 has enough case capacity to shoot 180gn or even 220 gn bullets with meaningful velocity and some boar are well over 200kg. Dont overlook a 7x64 if you find one, albeit ammo harder to find in the UK.

    Heyms are all steel (save for the wooden bit) and simple and well built. Not the lightest, but feel as if hewn from a solid block of steel. Blasers are a good design, but I would n't spend £3,000 plus on a rifle where the cocking piece is polymer nor the internals of the magazine etc. Only downside to the SR30 and SR20 are they have a 3 shot magazine - or five shot if you are happy for it sit below the stock, but you can always dump one in the ejection port and it feeds ok. Or put one up the spout and then add another one to the magazine.

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    I owned one in 308, it was my first stalking rifle. I paid £648 for it brand new in 1999, my mate also bought one consecutive SN's regretably I sold mine. He still has his and it shoots 0.5MOA with handloads. super rifles with Krupp steel barrels, very safe one up the spout but not cocked system good set trigger. The open sights are very usable for those with younger eyes. I would have no hesitation in recommending the SR30.
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    Thanks everyone. I'll start saving the pennies and planning ahead. Its a pity they don't come in different action lengths, rather than the one size fits all idea. A nice short action .308 would fit the bill really well.

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