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Thread: Log splitters

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    Log splitters

    I have access to a large number of logs that need splitting and seasoning for use in a log burner; many too big for splitting-out with a maul. I was wondering if 'the panel' has any recommendations for a log splitter (hydraulic or otherwise), ideally not to expensive, but robust enough to last?

    Nothing that mounts on the the back of a tractor please; relatively portable would be good too, if such a thing exists?


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    i paid a company who do log splitting as a service, paid about 120 for 1/2 a day which got me c40 cubic meters. Was easier than doing myself

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    Having had an open fire then log burner for several years as I got older the manual splitting got harder. I brought one it these from eBay. Never looked back, absolutely fantastic, it still make me smile when the hardest of logs are split so easily!

    Go for a 6 ton and get one with the frame as in the eBay link ;-)

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    If they are too big or gnarly for a maul or wood grenade then I just cut them smaller with a chainsaw. I did have a portable hydraulic log splitter when I worked for the NT which had a Briggs and Stratton engine driven pump; it was very good but you would still have to lift the logs onto it.

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    Bought mine a couple years back, as I'd damaged the ligaments in my elbow and using the maul really aggravates it now. It's made in China, but to be honest there's not too much that could go wrong and I couldn't really buy the parts for their price. Think it was about 1200 and it works great. Had to modify it, but then I do that with nearly everything I buy.Click image for larger version. 

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    I know not wot u wanted but try buying a Fiskars X27 axe, absolutley brilliant.

    I was splitting big beech rings over 18" thick and so heayvy u could hardly flip them to roll them, just pick away round the edges and surprising how they split.
    My old splitting mual which i was quite happy with would not touch these big beech rings.

    For 40 ish quid worth every penny, even if just for the odd log to save getting ur splitter out.

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    Try these guys

    Things to think about:
    Petrol or electric - where are you going to use it? how are you going to store it (under a tarp outside ain't good for electric motors, at least you can drain a Petrol and bring it back to life after a year)?

    How are you going to move it? Hand, quad, lawn tractor or just into/out of a shed. All affects the type of wheels and how heavy (aka robust) a machine you can handle.

    How big are the rings of wood? A splitter that can go vertical and split the big rings on the floor, then go flat (or fit a table ) for all the small bits can save your back and save getting the saw out to quarter them. If your rings are all lift able then not an issue.

    Most small electric splitters aren't up to doing tons per year and IMHO you'll be better getting a smaller (7ton) pro machine, even if it's a trade in at a dealer. Always worth asking about demo machines, as these guys do a couple of months of shows in the summer and usually have something that's been chipped, scraped, been used etc etc.

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    Cheap option: Wedges and a lump hammer. Can split pretty much anything surprisingly easily. Did some 2-3ft diameter beech trees into 3ft long logs last year with them.

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    Not with a back injury!

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    I just went to Machine Mart. You don't have to spend crazy money to buy an electric hydraulic splitter that's portable and will make your life a whole lot easier.

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