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Thread: new game gun.

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    new game gun.

    Hi All,

    i have been thinking about getting a new game gun this year and been thinking the browning 525, i just wondered if any of you have one and how do you got on with it and how does it handle, and any other recommendation you have sub 1500. would be greatly appreciated.

    cheers Matt

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    I have a 525 and am very pleased with it. Mine is a lefty but I know Scrumbag has a right hand one and his has been fine. Very reliable. Just check that it fits. I am have what I call "a Browning face" so mine shoots where I look, you could do with checking the fit first.


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    I do like my 525!
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    He can hit stuff with it as well!


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    I have a 525 but in 20 bore. I'd say if you're used to Brownings, consider a Miroku as well, lot of gun for the money. You may be able to sneak a grade 5 on a private sale.
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    Bought a new 525 a few months ago to go back to doing a few more clays after decades with side-by-sides & I have to say that I'm absolutely delighted with it & the Teague chokes I also ordered for it. I spent a couple of hours at a large gun-shop trying every o/u that they had & the one that fitted me best & just felt right was the 525 (& I was trying some very expensive ones too). I went for the sporter with the adjustable comb & it's fantastic to be able to tweak the POI without involving a gunsmith.

    I've been out & shot 250 cartridges with it in a session & felt no ill-effects either at the time or afterwards but I'd have to say that it isn't a walking gun & I revert to a sbs for my more physical days.
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