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Thread: Deer Stalking School

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    Looked like a good site.

    I did notice that they offer a 2 day, level one course. Does that practically mean one day classroom then shooting and tests on day 2? Doubtful that i would have passed such a course and interested to know their pass/failure rate.

    4 day course is 599. That's alot more than i paid to the BDS!

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    Deer Stalking School

    Thanks for having a look at the site, we have had a very high sucess rate with the 2 day course with over 60 students passing so far and our course in May is now fully booked, we have most of our courses fully booked by word of month.
    Its the shooting at some strugle with, it is down to the student to study the DSC manual before they arrive at the course and practice lots of range shooting with sticks and standing.

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    Oho, so it was advertising then?

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    I assume that you have contributed to the running costs of the site in order to be able to advrtise in such a way!

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