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Thread: would you stalk with a bow if it was legal?

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    would you stalk with a bow if it was legal?

    for the past 5 years, ive lived in canada where bowhunting is legal and very popular,Ive bowhunted since i moved here!
    its a up close and personal way to stalk!
    with shots normally at around 15-30 yards,modern bows are very powerful and accurate and kill very quickly!
    what are your views,opinions on shooting deer and other game with a bow/crossbow if it were to be legalised!

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    Not botherd to se it legalised to many idiots about would be leaving animals wounded. If it was legal here I would probably give it a go max range would be the max range I could get all arrows in to the DSC1 target kill zone.


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    Quote Originally Posted by devilishdave View Post
    Not botherd to se it legalised to many idiots about would be leaving animals wounded. If it was legal here I would probably give it a go max range would be the max range I could get all arrows in to the DSC1 target kill zone.

    yeah that could be a problem ! idiots wounding deer! i agree!

    but what if it was regulated(licensed)like a firearms cert! ,and only compitant archers could get the license after passing a test!
    Ive shot game with archery equipment, and all have died as quickly as game ive killed with my rifles!
    agree 100% on your max range ! thats my philosophy!
    cheers dan

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    Personally I'd not do it. The bow has no place in the killing of large animals. Why the fascination with using "primitive" weapons to kill with? Surely all these things fell by the wayside because the firearm as it has come to be (and has been for about 100 years) is so much more efficient than all that has gone before.
    Using things like bows and muzzle loaders is just massaging the hunter's ego.
    Killing an animal should not be about testing your prowess, it should solely be about ending that animal's life as quickly as possible with the least possibility of error.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I have bow hunted with compound bows and recurves and consider my self fairly competent with a recurve bow still. I have several of them, as well as a long bow. I don't think there will be any favorable responses to the question here because any rifle shot that lets a deer run 20 paces is considered either ill placed or bad performance by the bullet. Deer hit with arrows bleed to death: that is how they die and they seldom die close to where they were hit. I have trailed well hit deer a quarter mile before finding them. Also, the "hit zone" on a deer with archery is different. A shot with a wide broad-headed arrow into the femoral artery is quickly fatal but I can't see folks on this site shooting deer in the hind quarters. I love archery and keep my skills up but i no longer hunt big game with a bow... especially the be-pulleyed, sighted, trigger released things that pass a a bow these days. I have a huge amount of respect for traditional archers and their hunting skills -and I don't believe it to be an inhumane way to hunt- but I just don't do it anymore.~Muir

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    I think i would hav to give it a go first of all, before i could give an honest opinion
    from all the clips i hav seen of bow hunting there are just as many misses and feck up's , as there are with scoped rifles.....

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    A bow? Too technical. What's wrong with stoning them to death?
    KevinF -

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    I appreciate the sKill required to get close enough to use a bow. But every bow hunting trip I've seen on TV (In the US, as we have no decent hunting programmes on TV in the UK) seems to result in a slow death, so no, I'd not use a bow to hunt large game.

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    I have several clients who hunt with a bow and I must say that they do so very efficiently and seem to get a lot of satisfaction from it. The satisfaction appears to be the ability to stalk in really close to the target animal. I am too old a dog to learn these new tricks and most likely never will. Had I had the opportunity when younger, maybe I would. Don't know. I have no problem with anyone who chooses to bow hunt. As our French hunting colleagues might say, " chacun sa merde".

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    While I agree the skill level to stalk and hunt with a bow is much higher than with a rifle and those capable hunters have my respect, I have just a simple opinion. How many so called stalkers struggle with a rifle to drop deer cleanly and then offer them the chance to hunt with a bow...... Not a good idea since if a .308 delivering 2600 ft/lb just a few inches off often leads to reds or sika running for in excess of 100m, how far would they go if that was a hunting arrow? ****ing miles me thinks

    Check this out and although there's many really good shots there's a lot of really bad ones too...

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