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Thread: Steiner Ranger Pro 8 x 56 vs Nighthunter XP 8 x 56???

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    Steiner Ranger Pro 8 x 56 vs Nighthunter XP 8 x 56???

    Before I head off to compare the above two does anyone have any views on whether the Nighthunters are that much better than the Ranger Pro's? Any thoughts would be gratefully received before I part with the cash.

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    I have just bought a set of ranger pro 10x42's and i love them. My dad was with me at the time and he bought the 8x56 rangers as we had a good deal for buying 2 pairs.
    While we were there, we tested lots of different binoculars including swarovski, leica, leupold, zeiss and bushnell. for the money, I think the ranger pro's are fantastic and i personally couldn't warrant spending the extra money (over 1000 difference for the swarovski or the zeiss)
    I haven't seen the nighthunters, but i would imagine they would be excellent too, but there is a huge price difference!!
    I think the steiners are well built and should last a lifetime and they are on par with alot of the top brands.
    Good luck whichever way you go.


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    Thanks for that I've been pretty impressed with them aswell. Decision is whether to go Ranger or Nighthunter. If the former then whether to go for 10x42 or 8x56. Hard choices!!



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    The only thing that I would say is that if you are carrying the binoculars round your neck for a long day on the hill, then the 8x56 are quite a lot bigger and heavier than the 10x42's. I was using a pair of cheaper 8x56's on a stalking trip last year and wished I had a lighter pair (hence buying the 10x42's) But if you are using them for mainly low light work, then the 8x56 may suit you more.
    I actually did try out the Nighthunters ,but discounted them pretty quickly as I didn't like the "auto focus" system, Where your eyes do the focusing according to the salesman! and I was looking for a Lighter Roof Prism type Binocular.
    In my opinion though, I don't think that the nighthunters are worth Twice the price!


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    Thanks for that. You are right they are a bit of a lump but after much comparison yesterday I have in fact gone for the Ranger Pro 8X56! I was surprised how big they were having used some 7x42 previously and was very tempted by the 7x50 Nighthunters as I actually like the auto focus and they came up smaller and lighter. But standing outside and testing one next to the other I think the 8x56 were brighter despite having an extra prism. They certainly have a notably bigger field of view. I took them out foxing last night and although I didn't have anything to compare against they performed well.
    Just my take on it after asking for advice, hope this helps other people.

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