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    Re steel high seat

    I have been toying with the idea of making up a German style high seat but built in the drywall lining steel galvanised sections bolted together at the joints with rubber insulating pads (scrap truck inner tubes) add wooden posts to the sections at the bottom to sit on ground plates/slabs. All the stresses are going in a straight down direction anyway so it should not buckle unless your name is Cracker of tv fame.
    I did the CAD on Catia v4 and it weighs out at 17kg. Just right for adding the wheels as on the other post here yesterday for moving about as a 1 man job to where the roe boar etc are. Plus it will not rust and should weather like an old garage door in time.
    Have not found the time to build it yet.
    Any comments?

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    Hi Bavarian.
    I am sure you are onto something there but I have a couple of reservations on the design.
    Not wanting to be critical and I am sure you have climbed a lot more high seets than I have.
    I find it very difficult to climb vertical ladders and they are unsafe as they tend to pull away from the tree as you ascend.
    Also I beleive the law says they must lean slightly,12 degrees from vertical I think.


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    You are correct, my jagdschein course stated 11 degrees for the tilt angle and I had factored that into the shape so the high seat looks like a normal wooden high seat ref position of all structural members, also I had planned on the two vertical ladder beams to only have wooden steps and not metal as they are going to make less noise while ascending the ladder.

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    Does it creak or make noise at all ?
    We made one up using similar stuff and it was a bit noisy when you fidget( OK I shouldn't fidget I know)

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