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    Recent Gun Activity

    In light of the recent shootings up north i took it upon myself to make sure that permissions were all above board.
    Also one of my permissions is an estate with offices, walks, a footpath, and a house in the perimeter. So it has a regular security firm. I have not in the past had any need to approach these security gaurds, but in light of whats happened recently i felt it prudent to make and extra effort to say hello etc.

    I spoke to a guy this morning with a "heads up" from the land owner / farmer to re-introduce myself as the sole person for shooting rights the approximately 450 acres (about 100 of which is patrolled loosely speaking).

    My point is , is that by doing this i have hopefully re-assured some jumpy residents, passers-by, and any other persons on the estate that there is a chance of seeing an armed man walking on the estate, and also preventing them from taking a panic action of informing police of a possible threat to society.

    30 mins of small talk to certain people may save me a lot of potential aggro.


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    Good idea... I don't have any contact with the landowners on any of my permissions from one year to the next apart from to wave and nod as they drive past in the tractor, I might just pop in and reaquaint myself.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    I just phone the cops on the way in and on the way out its a must on my ground

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