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Thread: Front Storage Box & Rifle Rest for Quad/ATV?

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    Question Front Storage Box & Rifle Rest for Quad/ATV?

    Does such a thing as a front storage box for a quad that also doubles as a rifle rest exist? Does anyone know of such a thing?



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    I think you have spotted a potential marketing opportunity Alex. All my deer get shot from the front of the quad bike. I have an old plastic meat crate always on the front rack and just tie on a bale of hay when shooting. It gives me a nice platform at the right height; I can stand beside the front of the quad and move around as necessary as the deer move. It has always been in my mind to make something more permanent, preferably waterproof and able to contain 2 rifles, with a padded lid that rises up on a cantilever mechanism which brings it closer to the driver as it rises. Still waiting for the wet day in the workshop

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    I just use an alloy storage tray for carrying things on the front rack, and my rucksack or similar to rest the rifle on.
    But I have been considering making a rifle rest, much like the one Solway do.
    For carrying I use a normal cheap plastic rifle case bolted down to the rear rack.


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    alex i have made one exactly as you describe for my honda your only on my doorstep
    give me a call and you can come and have a look and have the dimensions
    even borrow it to try if you like regards pete .

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    Thanks Pete, I might take you up on that! Where in Somerset are you? I'm actually in North Somerset.


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    not far from where you go on the range frome
    regards pete .

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    Oh that's right, sorry I forgot we'd chatted before

    My memory!

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    we had one on the estate honda i think it was made by a company called Kolpin, it was watertight dead easy to take on and off and just the right hieght for a bipod, great for single handed lamping too.

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    Maybe not quite the storage box you require but would this do?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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