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Thread: Now that's more like it!

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    Now that's more like it!

    Proposed country fair in Bala, (Rhewlas estate), proposed fees........ 8.00 for adults, 3.00 children 5yrs to 12yrs,& even better 20.00 for a family ticket (two adults = up to three children) under fives free, leashed dogs welcomed. maybe I'm dreaming?
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    why cant they all be like that instead of over pricing so no one goes, i took the mrs to the selby game fair and i spent 25 before i got into the ground.So i swore never again

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    The Daily Post has it dearer than that -

    August 14-15: North Wales County Fair, Rhiwlas Estate, Bala. New event with gundog scurries and shooting lessons (15 adult; 8 children).

    No prices on the BASC web site.
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    Never even knew there was one there!

    Is it any good? Quite fancy entering the dog in a scurry.

    Was going to go to the North Wales fair but got poisoned in the pub the night before!

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    Just thought...

    Is it a spoiler for this -
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    I was thoroughly disapointed with the recent Fair run by this company near Ashbourne. I had been round it with in 10 minutes. It is not a full day out.

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    Found a link to the fair's own web site.

    Apologies, finn. Tickets are as you say, not as I read in the Daily Post.

    Looks like there will be a lot of fly tying going on...
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