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Thread: Little Blaser experiment

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    Little Blaser experiment

    I have a Blaser R93 and one of the things I like about it is that it breaks down easily and that it should return to zero when put back together again. In saying that I'd always harboured the suspicion that when you take the scope off and on again things might move around a little. So, yesterday I was at the range and I had 7 rounds of a 165 grain Sierra Gameking load remaining. My feeling was that they were not quite fast enough to be deer legal and I'd never been able to get any more of the bullets and so didn't develop the load any further. So, I decided to shoot them at the target and to remove and replace the scope after the first three shots, it was a 100m range. Now, this was the best target I shot all day as I was concentrating, all my other targets were blighted by fliers, and so the only flier is at the bottom right corner of the group, it was the 7th shot too so I wish I'd stopped at 6 :-) However, it would seem to demonstrate that removing the scope does not result in a significant change in the POI and as you can see it is possible to shoot a 2 inch group even when the scope is removed half way through. It was also the case that all 7 rounds were shot in pretty rapid succession with no time for the barrel to cool and so on.

    I know it isn't an example of prime marksmanship but it does seem to support the position that there is no shift in POI when removing/replacing the scope on the R93.

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    Shot number 7 was a flyer!!!???

    There will be a good lot reading who think they better keep quiet ,because their flyers are anything from 3-6 inches away from the group ! lolol (me included!)

    Doesnt look like you have much to worry about ! lolol

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    Very good group indeed, considering you were removing the scope, changing position etc, I'd be happy with that group from a single grouping session.

    OffRoad Gary will be drooling

    Good shooting.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Again I've got to highlight that this was the best group of the day and I too normally have fliers that are WAYYYYY out of the group. I've also seen people shoot similar groups at 300m, though with specialist rifles, bags and scopes. However, because I was doing a test I was concentrating as I was trying to be as consistent as possible so as to highlight any problems with the rifle. Being able to remove and replace the scope in the middle of this group and still keep it within 2 inches (the squares on the target are 1 inch) certainly gives some confidence and I hope it is a useful demo for others who might, like me, have some doubts about the Blaser scope mounts.

    I also did some experiments with removing, and replacing, the moderator while shooting. Again this resulted in no change in the POI.

    With the moderator removed the rifle shoots about six inches low and about half an inch to the right as compared to shooting with the moderator in place, interestingly this change in POI is consistent across both my 110 grain and 150 grain loads. I didn't try it with the 165 grain loads as I only had 7 rounds.

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    Hi my mate used to have a R93 all black synthetic with match barrel. We took it out & shot a group & this rifle shot very well .5 easy with homeloads we striped it right done barrel/scope etc & rebuilt it & shot agian with no change in POI. The only thing we dident like about the rifle was the mag system for reloading or emptying.

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    I know that that others can find the Blaservolk a tad boring as we rave about our chosen tools but I have taken my R93s apart time & time again, reassembled & they just hold their zero. Itís a truly brilliant system.

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    Philip, if those squares are one inch, you need to measure that group again. Worst case it is 1.25" outside edge to outside edge. I actually think it is less than that. Minus .3" for the calibre, the group is more like 0.8" or 0.9". That is a 7 shot sub MOA group with a scope change in the middle.... I hate Blasers, they really are crap, make custom rifles look like rubbish...

    You need to chillax, stop beating yourself up about all manner of sh*t and kill some deer....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I wish I had deer to shoot Brian! However, I will get no action until September in Scotland, August for sika always seems a bit early and some of the ground I have has no stags on it until September anyhow. It must be said that you can't beat September in Scotland so it is not too much of a hardship :-)

    I didn't measure the group, but it looks bigger than an inch so putting it at 2 inches is close enough, but I had the range to myself and was keen on doing the experiment as I really thought I'd have two groups on the paper maybe an inch apart. To be honest I was amazed that there was no evidence of some degree of movement. Most remarkable.

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    Chomping a the bit myself to get going Philip. Hopefully will manage to knock of a Fallow pricket or two in August. The freezer is bare of venison just now, I am sick of looking at pork and ham.

    I have had the 30/06 assembled/disassembled, scope on/off a number of times. It continues to print 0.5" 3 shot groups to the same POI. I will conduct an experiment and shoot a 10 shot group some night this week, I may or may not report the details.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I understand Brian, there are just so many things to go wrong with a 10 shot group. Usually in science things are viewed as being statistically pretty likely to happen at the 95% confidence level so really we should be shooting at least a 20 shot group and excluding the most extreme flier. Somehow I can't see that approach taking off.

    I have one bit of venison left in the freezer and now that you've drawn my attention to it I don't think it will last much longer. It is hard to believe that we are nearly back into the season again. I always spend 3 weeks in September in the Hebrides and will fit in some trout fishing and a day or two at stags. You just can't beat it but you can feel that the summer is over and there are usually a few days of gales while I'm there just to let me know that winter is on its way.

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