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Thread: BMH Pup - training so far

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    BMH Pup - training so far

    Hi All,

    Just thought that we would share where we are at with Zerno Celestine aka Casca.

    Having started of on small tracks laid with liver which she followed very well we have progressed to longer blood tracks which again she is showing natural ability.

    A couple of weeks ago Seb shot a young buck about 6.30am about 5.30pm we took her for a walk to the same spot and she picked the scent up and followed with great gusto to the point where the deer dropped.

    She is a totally wonderful dog, intellegent, loving and beautifull (but I am biased!)

    Feeling the wind in her ears!

    Found Seb in the grass

    Being a good girl and sitting

    Great smells

    Free!!! But am going back to my dad!

    She has grown a bit since we got her

    I know we have a long way to go with her but it is obvious that what she has been bred for is there within her, we just need to nurture that and make sure that she understands our rules and bounderies but still has great fun on the way.

    All the best

    Michelle, Phil and Seb

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    Hi WW
    Its great to see how another pup from the litter has turned out. She looks an absolute smasher, and your description of her character is exactly the same as ours (cherub), Heidi.
    Look forward to seeing more picure of her, and to hear how the training go's

    Best wishes

    Tracking and Training

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    Thanks yabanjin
    we are following your progress on your web.
    Cas is coming along and it's interesting hope she differs from spaniels a d labs.
    We are some way behind your progress but she had treat today. We groom through where sika hinds and calfs are moving , her focas changed ! Cas must of though it's her birthday tracks going in all directions. Going to lay a trial here to focus on job in hand.

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    Hi Michelle, Phill and Seb, nice to see your new pup coming along, she looks a cracker. As with all BMH you only have to encourage them to track, its so natural to them. Wait until she finds her first deer, you will be over the moon with her.

    Chat soon hopefully


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    Here's their litter brother - Max(imilian) Zerno Cromwell - going through a big growth spurt at the moment!

    Attachment 1850

    He does exactly what it says on the packet

    Attachment 1851

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    that little lady lady looks to be the best behaved out of your "litter", definitely the best looking

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Glad to see they are all doing so well, keep up the good work.

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