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Thread: Underlever .22

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    Underlever .22

    Hi all

    I need some help here if possible

    I have a Marlin underlever in .22 cal which I traded a s/a for.

    I like the .22 verminator and I have always liked the cowboy actions.

    My problem is, it will not feed Winchester sub sonic hollow points, or any other make of hollow point.

    When the action is worked, instead of the round lining up with the barrel and being pushed in by the breech it doesn't come off the angle and hits the top of the action,
    so ending up with a bent round.

    I am thinking it is a carrier problem but not sure so, anybody out there have a Marlin .22 and had same/similar problem.

    This is an older model Marlin so I dont know how much work/wear and tear its had.

    Thanks for looking


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    I'm 99% certain your cartridge guide it either broken or missing. Many people think that the screws on the top of the receiver are for mounting a scope but the front one of them holds the cartridge guide in place: I mention this because sometimes people use that hole not realizing that the tiny part will fall off. I have bought used Marlins (I have three: 2 circa 1947 and a 1976) that have them missing and I have seen many others. Luckily the part -should I be correct- is inexpensive and available.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The old and the New. Both Marlins CROP.jpg 
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Size:	622.5 KB 
ID:	1842

    These are two of mine. The one with the checkered stock is a restocked 1947 issue.~Muir

    PS: Excellent taste in a rifle, by the way. They run almost $700 US here when you can find them. One of the few rifles Marlin still hand-fits parts on.
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    Thanks a million

    I have a feeling you are right on the money as I fitted a scope and rail yesterday morning, the problem srarted in the afternoon.

    I traded the rifle with a mate who is hunting in Ireland just now and I did not want to ask him if it had been a problem before. Might ruin his weeks hunting

    So it looks like its my own fault, I will let you know

    Thanks again for a prompt responce


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    Just had a look Muir and you were right on the money.

    I dont remember seeing the guide spring screw when I fitted the scope rail but then again
    I maybe able to get one from the Marlin importers over here but failing that maybe Brownells

    Anyway thanks again


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    It looks as if Midaway UK sells a few parts for the 39, look at gun parts by manufacturer.
    When I was going to buy one I found this thread very helpfull.
    Good luck.


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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Marlin Schematic.jpg 
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ID:	1844 With permission of Gun Parts, Inc. Note that between the scope plug screws there is another hole. That is the cartridge guide screw hole. (#17) From this company the parts total $10US. ~Muir

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    Thanks again Muir

    A big help



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    Your Welcome, Max. I forgot to mention that Marlin has (reportedly) already closed their New Haven, Connecticut plant in anticipation of a move to the southern part of the US. Consequently, the already hard-to-get Model 39 lever actions are no longer shipping; at least for the present. No one is certain what Marlin will build once they re-open but any Marlin marked with the New Haven address will command a premium price -and even more if they cease production.

    Another tid-bit: The Model 39 is the longest running production rifle of 22LR caliber in history. It was the first rifle to be chambered in .22LR (in the Model 1897, the early designation of the Model 39) and except for brief stoppages during WWI and WWII due to production demands, has been in constant production. It was the gun of choice for famed show-shooter Annie Oakley.

    My son and I will take our rifles to the range with a few boxes of .22 Short cartridges, fill the magazines to the 28 round capacity, and see how far we can chase a golf ball down range with our combined 56 shots. Lots of fun!~Muir

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    muir:-ask a silly question , expect a silly answer, me that is. Q- is it at all possible that it's chambered for "long" and not long rifle, there's difference of 1/8" between L and LR, I bought some for ratting, low power, to use around the cattle sheds on my perm, only trouble is they won't cycle in the mag, not a good thing at night when only using NVRS. ATB callie

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