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Thread: Well done Wiltshire Constabulary

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    Well done Wiltshire Constabulary

    AM Monday 5th of July I phoned my FEO in reference to a variation to my certificate. I was after an additional .308, after a brief explanation he said there should be no problem and that he would phone and email the Firearms and Explosives department at Police HQ in Devizes. He also explained what I had to fill in etc on the relevant paperwork.

    By midday my paperwork and cheque had been completed and I was stood in the foyer with completed documents in hand. I requested that a member of the F&E department to come to the foyer so I could discuss my variation. A member arrived, checked the paperwork and informed me that my FEO had already phoned and emailed my request.

    PM Tuesday I arrived home for the long haired Commander in Chief to tell me that I had a letter sat on top of my computer, bugger I thought she has realised that I have used the credit card last month! To my surprise my renewal certificate had arrived, all within 24hrs of the initial call to my FEO.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank both my FEO and Wiltshire Constabulary for yet again a very quick and professional service, well done to you all.

    O = Outstanding

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    I have to say that Styer 308’s experience isn’t an isolated one – I applied to Wiltshire Police for a) variation to my FAC for a 7 x 57, & b) an Overseas Visitors Permit. Both were turned round in 5 working days.
    Can’t say fairer than that

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    Any dealings I've had with Strathclyde have been dealt with pretty quickly. They did make a mistake on my variation but they rectified it immediately and I had my certificate sorted within 24 hours. The service I've received from them has been exemplary.

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    It will take some to beat my record.
    I rang Devizes HQ and asked to speak to 'someone from Firearms admin' for advice ref filling in forms for disposal of two rifles and a variation for a replacement rifle of a larger calibre and a spare barrel.
    I was told to come up at 10.00hrs the following day.
    I duly arrived and parked in front, setting my parking disc at the correct time and went in.
    I was met and we discussed what was needed, I was just about to leave when he called me back and asked if I had a minute.
    He went out the back and very shortly came back with my newly printed FC, with the new data base number added, it went from 0345 to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx345 !!
    When I got back in my car and checked my parking disc eleven minutes had passed, how about that for service

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    I will have to admit that certainly in terms of turn around times Wilts is very impressive. I had a variation done on mine that only took a few days to process and return

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    Ok..................................Ok go on rub it in. Sadly I have Lincolnshire to deal with a legend of their own making in incompetency and empire building

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    I have had a recent two for two with an extra moderator done in six days by Cumbria Constabulary.
    I always found them efficient and helpful.


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    I recently topped 90 acres of parkland exactly how my boss wanted done and in the shortest possible time, now I just have to sit back and wait for people to heap praise on my shoulders via the world wide web. (sorry lads, I know I'm a cynical old sod!) JC

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    I bet the chap on the next door Estate could not top ninety acres as sweetly as you and he would take a lot longer, so well done JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    I bet the chap on the next door Estate could not top ninety acres as sweetly as you and he would take a lot longer, so well done JC
    Thanks, I feel much better now!! JC

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