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Thread: Night Vision

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    Night Vision

    Has anybody ever used this? What's your opinion, as I don't have a dedicated night vision/foxing tool, wondering what the opinion is of an attachment to the normal rifle scope.


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    night vision.

    Hi Tartinjock, I have been using night vision for about 4 years. It really depends what you want to use it for, I have tried Gen1 stuff a few years ago and it was a waste of time, except for rats with an air rifle. I have used dedicated scopes but they are hideously expensive (around 4000 to 5000) way out of my league.
    I finally settled on an Archer monocular Gen3 from Starlight. It is possible to use this attached to the rear of a convetional scope with a bayonet fitting. Not easy to get used to but good when you do. I normally use the Archer as a monocular and in conjunction with a conventional lamping set up. Better if two of you are working together. This really works well as you spot for the fox without using any light, then the spotter indicates the direction and the lamp is brought into use. This is normally successful
    as the fox is unaware (usually) that you are there. I would guess at about a 80% kill rate, the others bugger off!
    The Archer costs about 1300 but I have found it a godsend especially with lamp shy foxes. It is also excellent for watching deer at night. If you need any more info let me know. Cheers.

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    night vision

    Me again Tartinjock. This time I read it properly
    Digital would appear at first look to be the way to go, however I have heard that some of it has been giving trouble. I am hoping to try a digital outfit soon but supply seems a bit shaky. If I were you I would hang on for a while, as although there are many supposed advantages with this system it still has a way to go before it can be regarded as a good buy. Sorry about the first blurb, but although the conventional nv has a few faults I personally have found it spot on. Cheers

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    At work we get our nightsights from I have been using them for the last 6 years, and are an outstanding peice of kit.

    But expensive

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    Cheers for the info.

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    I have used one of these Tartin and found it difficult to attach and not very effective.
    I didnt give it much of a try because I just found it not very user friendly.


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    there are good points and bad for these add ons
    these are some of my opinions
    good points
    can be attached to any scope so no need to keep changing the scope on your rifle
    they come in allsorts of generation from gen 1 up

    you can use them also as a hand held spotting device

    quick to attach and detach once they hav been set up
    prices are very reasonable
    quality of lense can be very good

    bad points

    scope attachments can be hard to get hold of
    you lose a bit of the light gathering ability just because it is an add on and there is a joint
    a 3rd gen is only the same as gen 2+ in a complete scope though they cost the same
    they cant guarantee that the scope you are buying will be the same visual quality as the demonstrator that you will look through
    you need a very good quality scope to get the best out of it

    my overall opinion was if you realy wanted a night vision scope and can justify the cost was to get a quality gen2+ or greater and set of interchangeble mounts or just hav one designated rifle for the nightvision scope to stop on like a 22-50 for you foxers, or 308 and above for the boar or for rabbits a gen 2 on a rimmy is a good combo from what i hav used
    and put an extra illumininator on it that will make one hell of a difference

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