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Thread: Wills 2nd and 3rd Boar

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    Wills 2nd and 3rd Boar

    After reading a few articles on here, thought I`d share this one with you all as it does tend to stick in my mind.
    A mate of mine wanted to come and have a look for boar one night so I took him and he shot a small stripey, he was confident of the shot, not nervous, he hadn`t done much rifle shooting at all at this stage)Then he was hooked, so any time I was out on my own he`d come and we`d go foxing togetehr alot too.
    We were out a fair bit together, so much his father,( a absolute gentleman whos gone now) reckoned we had to be up to no good always being out at night.
    Well, this particular night, we went out, was a lovely night, clear, dry and not alot of wind.
    We wandered about for a few hours,looking in all the favourite places, stopped and had a smoke, chatted, I suppose we weren`t realy stalking, we were just having a night out doing what we enjoyed.
    We were sat under a hedge watching a field of spuds that had been decimated by the boar, when we saw 2 boar wander out of the wood and start rooting throught the spuds.
    So into action, we crept closer as I didn`t want Will under pressure from range aspect, we got to about 100m and he settled down on the bipod, the 2 boar were still feeding, obliveous of us.
    One boar turned and presented a perfect side on shot , so I checked will was comfortble and happy and he took the shot, and the boar fell over, perfect.
    The other boar just wandered off, didn`t run, didn`t even look around just wandered off over the ridge and disappeared, we were about to get up and see if we could get a shot at him when a fox appeared, so bang, 1 dead fox too, then.... the other boar reappeared, just wandered back into view and started to feed again but heading back towards the wood, so I told Will if he was happy and the boar stood, take him, and the boar duely obliged, he stopped, looked around and bang he was dead too.
    3 shots, 2 boar and a fox and one extremely happy Will
    I also introduced Will to Africa, and theres been no holding him, he`s a great shot and a great bloke to be out with.
    His mother still tells me off for getting him into the hunting, U.K and Africa I am expecting a few more tellings off when he get`s out here hunting too
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    Good write up and great shooting. some great eating there too! Well done, both of you.

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