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Thread: The Ultimate Deer Rifle

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    The Ultimate Deer Rifle

    Reading posts on all kinds of aspects of a deer rifle , triggers, actions, calibres, etc.....
    I'll open a new discussion. What is your ultimate deer rifle? Not a rifle to shoot foxes or to shoot flies of the Mount Everest, just for stalikng deer. A rifle that you carry yourself a whole week in 2 feet of snow over the hardest Scottish hills after hinds, a rifle to kill a stag a few months earlier on the same place and a rifle to shoot a roe, fallow,sika or whatever from a highseat another part of the year. All with 1 rifle. Calibre of no importence, everybody has his taste. Just things like lenght, weight , moderator?,bipod, barrel lenght, etc......... I'll start : a 2.8/2.9 kg rifle ( maybe a sauer 202 outback) with a 20/21 inch barrel , a quality 2.5-10X50 scope Swarovski,Kahles, two 5 round magazines and a good bipod. Ready to go at approx. 3.8 kg

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    Mannlicher luxus mountain in .308win Zeiss 3-12 X50, 20" barrel , no moderator around 3.2 kilo Ready to go

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    I have it IMHO.
    After 21+ years and many guns/scopes.
    A sako75 finlite 6.5x55 (or 7mm08) optilock rings and bases NO mod but a brake and a quality german/austrian scope either 3-9x42 or 2.5-10x50 3-12x50.
    Mine weighs 81/4lb loaded and ready to go.
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    I've now got my dream rifle, Sauer Mod 90 7x64 and Swaro 2-12 x50 I.R Haven't weighed it but it just sits right on my shoulder and comes up to aim a dream. With the scope removed ( swing off mounts) it handles even better so I'm currently re-inventing the wheel and practising open sight shooting. For a light rifle in a moderately pokey calibre it does a good job of managing recoil in a straight line without too much muzzle flip. No moderator or brake due to open sights.

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    Scout rifle, nuff said.

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    Any rifle YOU like as long as YOU like it and its LEGAL and it does what YOU want it to simple as that !!!!!

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    It's a good topic this. My answer is that I really don't know what I want which is why I keep changing my guns all the time!

    In a world where money didn't matter I'd probably go for something like a high grade Sauer 202 with a shortish barrel, compact moderator and some decent German optics. Nothing madly fancy as I feel that a rifle should always be for using rather than to admire. It wouldn't hurt to have a touch more class than my BRNO offers but if I was to buy something like a H&H or Purdey I doubt I'd want to use it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt458 View Post
    Scout rifle, nuff said.

    Do you use a low power, high field of view, forward mounted scope (a la Jeff Cooper), or a conventional scope?

    And which Scout rifle? Steyr?



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    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Q. The Ultimate Stalking Rifle??

    A. Anything with me behind it

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