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    whats the best kit to buy for reloading,i've look't at lee 4 hole reloading press.

    not sure whats the one to go for.?and what i need.

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    hi tolley im with you not sure which press to go for maybe the good folks on here can advise .

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    hello both.

    i dont know about best kit but best value for money i think is the lee anniversary set . i paid £95 a couple of yr back and its still going strong with no problems . check the web site
    and it will tell you what comes wit the set.............neil

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    The thing to remember is that you may not take to it, once you have had a go, therefore if you are saddled with hundreds of pounds worth of kit and you are going to suffer a bigger loss than had you started with a more modest kit. I always recommend to people to go with a Lee kit, it is moderately priced and with the exception of calipers and dies you are good to go. You can always go upmarket if you feel the need to.

    I started with a Lee kit and still use a lot of it now, I have acquired lots of bits and pieces in other brands and my kit is now a real mix and match affair.

    I would stay away from the "four hole" type kits, unless you intend to load in mass for pistols. You will not feel the full benefit of improved accuracy or attain consistency if you go this route, in IMHO.

    It can be very confusing, try to find someone who reloads that lives near to you and see if they will keep you right, have a look at their kit, see what is needed, how much time is involved, how much it will cost, how much do you shoot, is cost a consideration, do you want to go down this road for the interest and hobby aspect's alone, go enjoy


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    thanks for the infor , sound advice.
    try before you buy.

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    what do you need on your ticket to reload?

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    You will need the calibre you intend to reload for and the amount you are allowed to buy, as a lot of RFD's will not sell you bullets or heads, call them what you want, unless they enter them on your FAC. Primers are also becoming a touchy subject but all you need is your FAC.

    Other than that, you are good to go.


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    RCBS is a good kit, and cheaper if you get it in the States

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    I use the lee aniversary kit with rcbs dies which I feel are more consistant or should I say I get more consistant results with them. Once you start watch out the bug will bite..


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