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Thread: Harris Bipod 13 x 27 inch

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    Harris Bipod 13 x 27 inch


    Has anyone any comments on these. Are they stable / heavy / does anyone else use them. I'm thinking of replacing my Harris 9x13 with one so i can sit/crouch and shoot. As a newbie i'd appreciate any help /info /comments

    Cheers all


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    Simple answer is to get one and try it. I wouldn't swap the 9''-13'' for it though, run with them both for a bit, you will always be able to sell either on if you find that you fall in love with one. Top tip - buy genuine Harris not chinese monkey metal and buy the notched leg one if possible. Definitly get the swivel version. Welcome to the site by the way. Best wishes, JC

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    My preference is the Model H. I can sit with this one and still use it prone too. I found the Model 25C fine for sitting but too tall for me to use prone. However if you are a really big lad, the Model 25C might work in the prone position for you. However as I have posted elsewhere, I use the 4 sticks to get above the cover and find it very stable. I have the Model L for when I am on the range.

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    I have the 9-13 and the 13-27 both swivel but a good set of sticks will do the job of the larger one and are more versitle.

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    I started with a 9-13 and love it it, but I needed someting taller so bought the 13-27 swivel one, I used it a couple of times and got shot of it.
    A pair of short sticks are far easy to use, and for me at least more accurate.
    The best I can say about the 13-27 bipod is I didn't lose too many on it


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    I use both of these models and constantly change them back and forth depending on where I am stalking. The longer of the two offers a great advantage when shooting up some of the steep hills we have in the Scottish Borders as the smaller model does not allow for this kind of elevation. I also found the larger model very stable for shooting when sitting as well. As already said, it is a bit on the long side when fully collapsed for prone shooting but again the advantage is at this time of year when the growth is so tall it is still usable, the short one does not get the barrel over the grass etc

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    Cheers for the advice, links etc.

    And thanks for the greeting JC


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    Thank you. I have tried lots of bipods, but seem to have gravitated to the Harris swivel ones. A recent acquisition is a Pod Lock which I use a bit on the range and when load testing.
    see also bipods on:
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