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Thread: scopes for sale

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    scopes for sale

    i have for sale the following scopes:-

    ***SOLD***schmidt + bender (german) 3-12x50 with bryant p1 retical and tactical turrets and 30mm tube the glass is in A1 condition but the tube does have a few scratches and scrapes on it as you can see from the picture 575 including postage***SOLD***

    ***SOLD***schmidt + bender (german) 8x56 with no.8 reticle and butler creek flip up covers and 1" tube, again the housing has a few marks and paint chips and the coating on the front lense has a few very very light scrathces (so light the camera wont even pick them up) but i promise you the picture and light gathering is 100% fine 295 inc postage***SOLD***

    pecar berlin 4-10x40 with 26 yes 26mm tube and mounts to fit scope rail 14-17mm max, im unsure of the actual reticle in this scope but its basically a very thin horzontal line with a thick vertical post which comes to a point just over the horizontal line. the glass is in A1 condition but again a few marks on the housing. this little scope is a absolute cracker i really dont know why pecar ever went out of bussiness 175 inc postage

    i have tried to be as honest with all the discriptions of the scopes as i dont want anyone to be upset or misslead and i hope you all can understand this all scopes are 1st come 1st served and i can arange collections if anyone so wishes (wiltshire) and please dont be upset that i cant take any offers on the scopes but i think you will all agree the prices arnt exaxtly sky high for the quality that you will be getting many thanks s-l-a
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    hi where in wiltshire are you .noel

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    Whereabouts are you in Wiltshire ?
    I'm interested in the 8x56

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    sorry EMcC both s+b are now sold but if your interested in the pecar im in Melksham

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    Darn it !! I was interested in the 8 x 56.

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    only the pecar berlin left now which suprises me as its a dam good scope for not a lot of money?

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