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    dead buck

    Hi all .Went for a wonder last night on some new ground i picked up last week 400 acer of woodland and pasture land. Walked to find the bounderys see a fox but he see me first.Went in to one of the woods full of slots and scrapes found a dead buck only a couple of weeks old. Big head gear on him not spoke to the farmer yet about it he said thers only me shooting the ground.See another buck on very lasts light jump the fence and start feeding near to the farm . Had a look for a fox whith the lamp later on see another good buck. Will put photo of bucks head up. the ground is lovely . safe . and all mine Cheers Neil

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    Good luck with the new pastures Neil.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    hi neil,

    did you get a picture of the dead animal, i suppose you checked it as best you could for signs of illness. was there any hair loss, marks on it of a struggle, open wounds, found in cover or open area etc etc.


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    Hi frank how you doing. checked the buck best i could.Been hot lately so the maggots been at it and the foxes and the badgers found it in the bottom of a vally in the open near to a phesent feeder bin in the wood.The hair was slipping no visseble open wounds??

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    well done on both counts Niel.


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    hope alls well.

    if its in the open then i would be wondering why it was dead, a sick and or injured animal would normally find cover to lie up. the heat would also drive it to cover.. if body is now to degraded then you may never know.
    i would return in a couple of weeks and have a look at its teeth if still there. just to get an idea of its age.

    as they say its gone back to nature now..

    atb, f

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    Got its head with teeth in it will post up tommorrow mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglad View Post
    Got its head with teeth in it will post up tommorrow mate.
    bet that smells a treat need to boil that it ha ha

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