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Thread: Fly nets

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    Fly nets

    Does anyone know where I can get a decent fly net from reasonabley priced?


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    When you say fly net, do you mean a mosi net to sleep under or a head net. If its a net to sleep under try TK Maxx. They sometimes do Lifesystems ones cheaply. I got a double sized one for a fiver. If its a head net, try John Norris of Penrith. They do headnets that are made in Scotland and are up to the job.

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    i see dove bob has answered for midgie nets althou i personally think john norris prices in general are a total rip off, most fishing shops should have them, well they do up in this part off the world. Didn't think they'd be many midges in hampshire.

    i persumed u meant for carcas protection, i got some from Bushwear seem ok and were'nt expensive, i also have a roll of moslin? type stuff which i used ti use in a heath robinson type fashion, bags much easier

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    Sorry should have been more specific, I meant for Carcasses so thatnk you for the advice


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    Mutton cloth makes a good fly net, slide over body of animal cut to length tie off with cable tie at both ends then hand up in the shade, works for me.

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    I have 2 un used ones Harkila/sealand good quality PM me if you are interested. Regards

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