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Thread: new rifle

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    new rifle

    Hi all

    I've decided on getting a new 25.06 rifle as an up grade from .243 as i've been given the chance of more land to stalk but i cant chose which rifle or action i want on a budget of about a 800 -1000 any thoughts


    Joe Lewis

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    Sako Joe and don't look back.

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    I have to say if i had that amount of money to spend on a rifle i would buy a sako.

    but there are lots of nice rifles out there.

    Before i got my remmy model 7 i looked at a sako but it was just a bit too expensive.
    The remmy is however a very nice and very compact rifle ideal for woodland stalking


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    Well I might as well state the obvivous and say Tikka T3 Varmint in stainless steal. Even with the heavy barrel its lighter than the Sako 75. I have a 308, my next purchase will be T3 Varmint in 6.5x55.

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    when you come up here and stalk with me you can have a go with my remmy. It's a smasher. If you are really bad you can use my .30-06.

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    Remmies are good to, infact all modern rifles are good. You can't really go wrong. It's the scope you need to spend the money on.

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    i hav to agreee that any modern rifle will do the trick, but tonite i was impressed by a ruger hawkeye in 308 , never saw how it performed in the field as there was no shot on tonite but it handled nice and very light and such a smooth action, felt quite well built at under 700

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    I have a Sako and a Howa and and would be perfectly happy to only have the Howa. Its well made, accurate and overall very well made. You will hear people say its good value which makes it sound 'worthy' but it is better than that. Its good. Full stop.


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    Nice thing with howa is one can get a barelled action and order
    in a good composite stock. Get the trigger tuned, bedded and off you go.

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