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Thread: Keeping a diary is so important !

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    Keeping a diary is so important !

    Since taking up stalking 15 years ago . For every stalk i have been on there is a diary entry . I note the weather , the wind direction , deer seen , deer shot , deer misssed and any worth while information gathered whilst stalking . Looking back at my diary i can see it took me 22 stalks to shoot my first deer .The morning i shot four deer . The sad day i lost a deer . The day my dog found a deer ,i would,nt have .I use the diary as a reference ie to find out where i found deer this time last year . I would recommend novices and experienced rifles keep a diary , the pleasure and information it gives its worth it .

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    Totally agree.
    I keep a diary as well and note every outing. 10 years so far.


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    I have been keeping a general shooting diary (A5) for 30+ yrs and am on Vol 6 at present. Indispensible if you do a lot of pigeon shooting as have record of all weather, wind and appropriate flight lines. Scary to see how my free hand writing has deterioated so much. Also nice to see how my shooting trends have eveoved over the years. In the back I note all the stuff I buy and prices of cartridges, bullets and alike.

    Would recomend any shooting person keeps one, blank hard bound A5 note books are cheap and last well.


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    I kept a detailed record which gradually, little by little, fell by the wayside and is now about a year out of date! I'm terrible with paperwork, record keeping etc. just hate it but I'd really like to have kept it up.

    In fact, this has inspired me to go back and retrospectively fill it in while I can still semi-remember the details. I still have all the dates, photos taken etc....


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    Hi all, have kept a diary since aroung 1970. General stuff, weather, first Horse Chestnut blossom, first swallows, first Barley harvest and so on. Looking back over good years and bad, littls changes. my diary features the family, shooting and fishing activities, not evry day but notable events. In 1992 I went 'electronic' (MS Word and Excel) and now record much more detail of stalks and the deer brought to book (weights, sex, where shot, weather, time of day, approx age where possible). there are separate Excel spreadsheets for load data, visits to the range and zeroing and ballistics. No-one apart from me will ever read the stuff, as there is so much they will probably fall asleep before lon. Which is probably what you all will do after reading this!

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