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    Full Moon

    I was out roe stalking on Saturday morning and all I saw were 2 does with last year's fawns. Not a buck in sight despite three hours in the bitter cold

    One of my mates who has been roe stalking for 30 years told me that he rarely has any suuceess in the spring when the moon is full.

    His opinion is that roe will feed and lie chewing the cud virtually all night if the moon is bright enough so they are not as active come dawn.

    Any views?


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    A stalking friend of mine has a similar theory with fallow, in that on the full moon when the sky is clear the deer will feed right through the night and lie up the next day.
    Don't know if there is any truth in it but I'm sure I didn't see as many deer around the full moon?

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    The funny thing was that when I was driving down the road between 9 and 10 I saw quite a few roe out in fields feeding

    Maybe I should have waited another hour or so but by then was too cold and fed up.


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    just come back from Wiltshire shot 4 roe 2 fallow 1 munty deer everywhere will post picks later . But do find red in forestry in scotland not as obliging if there is a moon this also aplies to sika where i stalk

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    i find that the fallow on my ground move a lot later a on the moon and it is normaly a waste of time doing a morning stalk, as for the roe they are always there full moon or not sat under the same hedges chewing the cud
    with out a care in the world

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    Ellie's first buck.

    Wilkshire weekend.

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    Certainly on my ground I haven't seen much in the way of deer activity at first light. I am much more successful at last light.

    2 theories:

    1) My ground is quite close to a lot of people and thus beasts will spend most of the day in cover and are getting hyngry so will venture out as soon as they feel able to. But by first light they are already back into the woods holed up for the day.

    2) Experience of the above has meant that I struggle to get the enthusiasm to crawl out of bed early in the morning.

    A colleague who has shot a lot of Roe takes the view if theree is a cold east wind blowing - don't bother going stalking.

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