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Thread: shooting insurance

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    shooting insurance

    Just got an email from sporting shooter.they are offering 2million shooting insurance for 16.95 per year.Sounds good value to me

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    Join BASC or Game Conservancy or Countryside Alliance if you must(!) money goes to a good cause in the case of the first two and I think you'll find the cover is better. BASC includes Europe I believe..

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    Or SACS for a better package at only a little more cost than Sporting Shooter ......................... includes 10million cover, 100,000 legal expenses insurance and is Worldwide cover for GB members/residents I believe. Underwritten by NFU.

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    Check the policy wording VERY carefully - check out when they won't pay up for example, cheap insurance is cheap for a reason!

    Remember the organisations all do more than just offer insurance - they represent you in the media, with the politicians, with the police - will sporting shooter do that if needs be?

    Do these cheap deals really deliver for shooting do they or have they for example:

    Launched a very successful nation wide pro shooting lobby campaign via our web site

    Responded to the Cumbrian tragedy with over 80 media interviews

    Met with the Home Office and ACPO to clam down calls for damaging changes in firearms legislation

    Stopped the prospect of compulsory testing in Scotland

    Made sure shooters have a voice on coastal access

    Made sure the General licences for pigeon shooting and pest control were renewed

    Helped to ensure sporting ammunition can be taken on flights leaving the UK for hunting trips overseas

    All this has happened in the last two months for example!

    However, you are very wise to take out insurance, no one should go shooting without insurance!


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    It would be interesting then to see the net increase in membership numbers at the end of the year

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    I believe BASC are the only organisation that has a firearm helpline and James Scott is so helpful. They backed up three stalkers locally to the tune of 60,000 when stoppped in their Land Rover with a rifle unslipped... Face down in a puddle and High Court costs.. paid for by BASC.

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    we have a few companys offering sporting insurance in ireland ,personal and third party only for around 40 to 60 euro . the cover is up to 5 million .

    this insurance does not cover client stalking ,that cost 4,000 + PA .

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    There is only 1 , i go with the smart BASC all the way, they fight for our rights, with MP's & lawyers,in your corner if backed up by silly legislation. The overall cost is a bargain, with a great monthly mag to keep you upto date, for approx 1 a week, yep a half pint of ale !!
    why go cheep, cheep is cheep !! value your sport

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    Guns on pegs are worth a look, with substantial donations to the GWCT (50% net)

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    Was just saying,personally i have basc and am bds too but not the insurance.As for legal cases i was once told by the BASC that they would only take on a case that had a 90% chance of success which is fair enough i suppose,wonder what some of the others policies are

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