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Thread: One show

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    One show

    Something on The One Show now about guns

    Did not see all of it but seemed to come across in favour of legit gun holders.
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    Again not enough thought gone into the article, one sided and im very angry............


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    Sorry, I did not think it was that bad, as I said I missed the start but what I saw seemed ok?

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    Now that the broadcast has finished it's available on the iPlayer

    Starts about 2'58" into the programme.

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    Apart from the "everyone is stabbing and shooting each other in my community therefore I think guns should be banned" chap (I suppose they have to give everyone their say? ) I thought it was a fairly well balanced piece over all.


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    I thought it was pretty well balanced and it really made the point that getting a legal firearm is not easy and that there is a lot of checking done. I'd say it was more for us than against us.

    I thought the guest who they asked to comment on it afterwards was very, very good however. He was not there for a firearms discussion but just happened to be a guest and they asked him his opinion expecting, I think, some PC/anti type reply. He was from the USA and they asked with 10,000 firearm related deaths each year what did he think about firearms ownership. Now, this is a tricky question for anyone never mind someone not expecting it but his answer was, basically, that with freedom comes some level of risk and he would more than willingly put up with some level of risk in order to have freedom. The presenter seemed a bit taken aback which in some ways serves to highlight just how normal it has become in this country to have freedoms removed on a regular basis. I've no idea who the guest was but it really was a first class answer to a very tricky question and it told us more about our society in the present time than anything I've seen on TV. Well worth watching on this answer as well as the programme insert on the subject.

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    Yes. I agree with your comments. The big Yank kind of took the wind out of their sails with his answer. Consequently the BBC Dummies moved on sharpish when they realised they were not going to get the kind of answer they wanted.

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    The two Yanks are Penn and Teller. Comedians

    The report is standard operational media bullshine.
    It is currently in the news so report on it for those who are ignorant
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    The guests were Penn and Teller, and I agree, Penn Jillette answered the question excellently!

    edit: Jack beat me to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    The report is standard operational media bullshine.
    It is currently in the news so report on it for those who are ignorant
    Well, I guess that you own a TV and that you watch it and that you gain a certain proportion of your knowledge of subjects with which you are not directly involved from it. This programme, in my view, presented gun ownership in a way that was directed at someone who, as you say, is ignorant of gun laws and who has maybe only seen a gun in a movie. As legal gun owners we are doing nothing wrong, in fact through our conservation work we contribute a lot to society. So, I think it can only be a good thing that we are now getting coverage on TV as now is the time to tell our side of the story. The other option, to which you may subscribe, is to believe that the media are out to get us and that we should ignore them. I fully understand this position and the drivers but would suggest that a more positive approach on our part might result in legal gun owners getting recognition for their contributions to society.

    The reporter who produced the insert we saw last night has now fired a rifle, has met some shooting people, has some shooting contacts and while her personal views are likely to be "anti-gun" if the experience was positive for her then it is also positive for all of us.

    So, I say let's engage with the media, take them shooting, invite them stalking, show them there is nothing unusual about what we do and, in fact, that we don't have criminal records, that we do contribute to conservation, that Scotland looks the way it does largely because of our efforts, that red kites and eagles have wilderness to live in because shooting generates a revenue from that wilderness etc. The antis can say all the like, they don't have a single argument that any sensible person will listen to in the face of our legal, and very positive, activities.

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