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    I have just aquired a remmy bbl/action and stock.
    Looking to rebarrel in 6x47 lapua for something different.
    Anyone using this calibre?

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    HI Mark
    Im using the 6mm swiss match case which is ackley improved pushes a Berger 105 vld at 3050 which is basicly the same as the 6x47.

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    This post got me curious. I looked at the 6x47 data on the Hodgdon site and they can't seem to get even a 85 grain bullet anywhere near that 3000 fps mark: did I read that right?? They top out at about 2750 fps.

    Anyhow, the standard 243 will reach 3000 ft/sec neighborhood with a 105 grain bullet so, if performance is the end result, what would be the draw?? ~Muir
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    Aha - the age-old drive to achieve the straight-line laser-beam missile. I too was keen on that at one stage when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

    Those super-dooper velocity cartridges are a gunmaker's best friend - if he likes rebarreling jobs. Hot rounds - especially in the narrower bores such as .22 (5.6mm) or 6mm., tend to wear out the throat of the barrel somewhat faster.

    At least - they USED to. Maybe technology has produced something a bit more durable now.

    Is this for 'varmint' or target ?

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    Are you thinking of a 6x47 lapua or the old 6x47 based on a 223 case?The 6x47 lapua should push a 70gr at 3700fps.Try or there shuold be some info on there.
    Cheers sean

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    I`ve a Remington 7 with a couple of extra barrels and one of them is a Shilen SM 1-10" in 6x47 Lapua.
    I consider this a HV round not a super dooper one.
    Don`t have any data nearby but it`s not far behind the 243 win and my experience is that it`s a lot easier to load.
    Lapua makes great brass for it, but not cheap, and you can find reloading tools from a couple of different manufacturers.
    I love the round and it will stay in my gun safe for a long time, I think.


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    Hello Rolf - have you had anything to do with 6mm Rem. ? I had a rifle barrelled for that cartridge and then got it re-barrelled as I could not seen to gain any advantage over my existing .243, (Estate rifle).
    It's too late now, but I wondered if anyone might have knowledge of a practical advantage in the 6mm Rem. over the .243 ?

    A move up to 25-06 helped, but then I had the 6.5X57mm which was an almost identical bullet, but the 6.5 had a good range of bullet weights whilst the quarter bore was limited.
    I sold it on and it was placed on a website later as being an excellent rifle.

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    I haven`t got any experience at all with this round, what I know is that it`s a couple of fps faster but that`s about it.
    On the other hand the 243 win is like the 6.5x55 over here in Sweden, everybody has one so if you are a reloader the brass issue is much easier solved and the same goes for reloading data.


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