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Thread: Rifle from the USA or UK

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    Rifle from the USA or UK

    Hi there

    I am looking at purchasing a .308 for a combination of stalking and target shooting. I have a Remington 700 in mind, 1500 in budget without a scope and am not sure if it would benefit me purchasing it in the UK or in the USA when I visit later this year?

    What I am asking is if someone who has done it before could advise me on:

    a) Whether it is financially viable importing yourself?

    b) What the cost is in terms of VAT and import duty?

    c) What paperwork will I need?

    d) Any other information you might think would help?



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    If you are going to buy a rifle while in the states you will need to fill in a DSP83 form which you can get from the DTI. This form has the intended use of the firearm and that you are the end user.
    Vat at usual rate and import duty @3%
    You need to get some one to buy it for you as a gift, and there will only be import duty to pay.If however you you put down it is for the control of vermin then I believe it is vat expempt.
    Make sure that the Airline will accept it!

    Have fun!


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    You will also need an export licence DSP-99 from the US which costs in region of $300 - $400, plus three months minimum waiting for arrangement.

    When (if) you get one, you need to arrange shipping and you will pay duty at the UK end, plus a fee to an RFD for putting it on your ticket.

    At the moment its a absolute hassle to import a firearm from the states for yourself.

    IMHO, I would look at the UK, yep price may be higher, but the percieved saving of a rifle from the states may turn into an expensive nightmare by the time it arrives.

    Ive imported rifles and actions before, it aint worth it, unless its a REALLY special action / rifle.........
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    THere are licensed importer/exporters here in the US that will handle things on this end for a fee. When the US dollar was strong agaist the Aussie Dollar I bought a bucket load of rifles from down under. As was stated it depends on what you're buying and if it's worth it to you. I have a 30-06 of JAYB's that I'd like to send him if he ever gets things sorted out on his end!~Muir

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    My pal in South Carolina who died this year gave me his 30.06 springfield 3 years ago as he was getting too frail to use it anymore.
    I took it to Atlanta airport and checked it onto the plane in my suitcase and it arrived in germany with no problems.
    The USA real world in my experience is that the authorities at the airports have no interest in who or what is physically leaving the US, nobody in the US needs a firearm permission for long guns anyway (NY & Calif may be different).
    Buying one in the US will be hard without having a USA ID (drivers license) due to the background checks needed as US Federal law forbids resident aliens (from Mars?) owning firearms until they have been in the USA for minimum of 3 months.
    Then the rifle will need proof testing in the UK plus it will be held at the airport of entry until it is officially entered on your UK certificate, so 2 trips to the airport. I have done it in 1999 with a Contender shotgun so I do know how it works.
    Cannot be worth all the bother.
    Buying one from Europe would be easier I would have thought. On German egun one is going now as a "buy it now" for 990 euros = 825 pounds.
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    Not wishing to start a whole different debate but 1500 (not including scope) will get you a lot more rifle than a Rem 700 even at UK prices. Just a thought. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    ...Then the rifle will need proof testing in the UK...
    Not correct.

    You can use it until hell freezes over without it being proofed. It only needs proofing if or when you come to sell it.

    I speak with direct experience of importing a 30-06 some years back.
    KevinF -

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    If your are going to spend 1500 have a look at the savage rifles they are being shot in competition and are doing very well.

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    Hi Vince

    I have a 7mm-o8 Improved for sale on this forum showing the full spec. It was built for me by Dave Tooley and is a blueprinted Rem 700 action.

    I would sell the bare rifle for 1500 if it is of interest to you


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    The whole export thing from US has got a lot tighter in recent months , it also varies from state to state , for example if you have a slot on you ticket for a rifle you do not need an import licence , yet the us forms asks for it try explaining to some one in the us that you don't need one and on the form there is a box to fill in for this purpose. if they are not sure most of the dealers will not do it. the fines are big if they get it wrong .

    At the shot show there was a tale going round of one us dealers sending some washers or similar out to an exiting customer, they got picked up and he ended up with a massive fine , one barrel supplier has also been caught out as well.

    Unless its is something realy special you can't get in the UK you are best of picking it up here

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