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Thread: bore foam, keeping it clean

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    bore foam, keeping it clean

    I use forest foam bore cleaner, problem is that bit of flexible tube is just too short and foam gets everywhere, so to keep it out of the action I use another piece of flextube 3/8 OD x 1/4 ID approx 9-10" long. Using an insulated scrwdriver, or some such, apiece of dowel, apiece of steel, slightly larger than OD of tube on can (which is 5/16" dia) force screwdriver into 3/8 dia tube for 1/2" pour boiling water over tube and screw driver end for afew seconds then do the same with cold water, remove driver, you've now swaged the tube ID to the same size as the can tube OD. Firmly push 9-10" tube into rifle action, push can tube into swage making a water tight fit, wrap cloth over stock,( you're bound to get a drip when removing can, sods law) fill barrel with foam, remove can, allow excess foam to empty into barrel, let it stand for 15 mins or so, then remove tube from action, walla, no mess in action or trig mech. callie

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    I have a case for each calibre I own that has a hole drilled at the head to fit the tube from the Forrest bore foam. to attach the tube I mix up some 5 min epoxy and put a small amount on the inside wall of the case. I then push the tube into the case past the point were the epoxy goes to and hold the tube with the case pointing to the ceiling. The epoxy runs back down to the head of the case befor drying creating a seal that holds the tube in the case. as long as you wash it out after each use the foam doesn't kill the epoxy.

    once my barrel is full of foam and before I remove the tube from the rifle I take the whole thing off of the can this allows any excess foam to to come out the end. once it stops coming out I then pull the tube out and nothing goes in the chamber.


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    I always apply bore foam at the muzzle, & cleaning rods / jags/ patches through a bore guide fitted to the breech.
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    Find your rifle and cover the butt (as I had to get the stock refinished to remove the foam stain).

    Attachment 7880

    Find the correct bore guide - the late moe243 got me started on using bore guides and Forrest foam.

    Attachment 7879

    Cover the bore guide with a poly bag.

    Attachment 7881

    Apply a squirt of foam to the muzzle.

    Go and have a cup of tea.
    Patch out bore.
    That's it.
    Regards JCS
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    If you are using a cleaning rod guide you can always bore a slightly larger hole in the outer end, from memory 8,0mm suits Forrest Milfoam, this allows you to push the end of the tube into the cleaning rod guide and the foam is directed straight into the chamber and barrel, it also prevents foam expanding back into the receiver and magazine well.

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    I know from experience, of the problems that can come from trusting the bond between a case and the tube.
    Ended up visiting Paul the gunsmith to extract the case, the hydraulic bond between case and chamber was better than the epoxy.

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    I use a drilled case and insert plastic tube in case/ also put a plastic bag over the muzzle attached by rubber band to prevent foam going everywhere.


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