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Thread: Memoirs of a Deer Stalking Novice - hoping to add to them very soon

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    Memoirs of a Deer Stalking Novice - hoping to add to them very soon

    Hi All

    Been looking at this site as a guest for a year or so now, mostly hits on the classifieds and info from google search. I joined a couple of days ago - then saw that i should have intro'd myself - here goes.

    Pen pusher for my sins - and boy I must have been bad because I've been signed of sick for the past 6.5 years. Thought i'd get a hobby that didnt need too much exertion, so I took up target shooting about a year ago after going to an open day at Epperstone Range Notts ( there is a thread about it by Trev). Now a member of three target clubs, but dont take it seriously. I just used to go to make a bang with my .308 Gustav and .22 rim. Then I discovered stalking . Now the ranges are more useful for me as for zeroing and practice with my stalking rifles - Sauer 90 .308 and a BSA 7mm Rem Mag, but still for plinking with the other rifles with cheaper ammo.

    Novice roe stalker up in the Low Lands. Got my first roe buck in June 2010 (6th to be precise - and I even know the time - 21.01 because a mate texted me as I was lining up for the shot). Could have had a doe earlier in the season, but the beer I had the night before made an involuntary exit as i unslung my rifle. I never knew that wolves farted - but she must have come across one that did - or perhaps it's a failing in stalkers, because she ran like crazy.

    Anyway - pleased to join you all. I'm going to need lots of tips, advice and help, so thank you all in advance.

    Oh and I get loads of text jokes - so will post them up - but some might be offensive to various people (cant please all the people0 so will advise when posting - but definately nothing too bad

    See you on the threads


    scrun63 (AKA Andrew )

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    Hi Andrew, welcome to the forum.

    Look forward to reading the memoirs!


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