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Thread: Long shot - but Apel mounts and rings ?

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    Long shot - but Apel mounts and rings ?

    I'm looking for some Apel/EAW swing off mounts to fit a BSA 7mm Rem Mag and a pair of rings to go with them. for a 30mm swarovski tube with 56mm objective.

    Plse have a look in your old kit bags and see if you can find some. I'll pay good money - but aint all money good ?

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    What model BSA is it. Makes all the difference. but just to let you know if it's a CF2 or a 2nd pattern Monarch ( no dovetails on top of action) then the same mounts that fit the Rem 700 fit. hope that helps.

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    This is the link to the Apel 2010 catalogue also in English. Hope it helps.

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    Hi Brithunter / Bavarian Brit

    Not sure what model it is. Some rather criptic markings on the barrel

    BNP under a crown

    7 MMR Mag 2 x 50

    M 4 C inside two crossed swords

    Any ideas ?

    It has got 2 weaver type 20mm connectors on the top of the receiver and no dove tails cut into the receiver

    And thanks for the catologue link. Thank god it's in English - my german consists of school boy swear words and "I am 14 years of age" - not much use really. Whats worrying is the catologue that I had a link to must have been the older one and had a ref to just BSA, so I was hoping / assuming /praying that they all had the same fitment. But the link you've sent through makes no ref to BSA - seems like they might have stopped manufacturing them for BSA

    Another member has told me he has found so rings mounts etc and i'm hoping that they'll fit, but they're not for BSA, so i'm not to optimistic

    Thanks for the advice chaps and if anyone out there still has an unopened dump bag please have a look

    Sure getting my monies worth from here since i joined


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