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Thread: My 1st Roe buck of the season

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    My 1st Roe buck of the season

    Here we go chaps This was the result from a very cold, wet early morning whilst out with Tikka308 & Uncle Sikamalc A very nice clean old buck, he has a good thick set on him as well. looking at his teeth id say hes an old chap, we originally thought about 6 or 7 years old, The teeth would suggest this also I was lucky in the fact that he stayed around in time for me to squeeze a second shot off at him. My 1st shot was a sort of warning shot to let the old boy know i was there Yeh ok ill admit it then, The 1st shot went straight over the top of him It was cold & wet tho & i was tired ..............
    & we wont have any of the Uncle fester remarks Tikka308

    By the way just to let you know im the good looking 1 on the left
    Thanks again Malcolm for letting us shoot your ground, & a big big thanks for that breakfast, Went down a treat mate

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    well done again mate,where did you leave your neck?

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    Well done that Man!! Good on you and a good cull Buck to add..

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    nice one nick
    i usualy whistle or cough if i want to make a beast stand for a shot, but hey a warning shot looks like it worked
    glad you had a good time and a nice buck to,
    better luck next time andy

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    He looks better than I remember him, but then he had been in the truck a while. Did you entice him out with your butalo call "peep peep"
    Well done mate, and well deserved in those conditions.

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    Bloody hell Nick I look like something out of Only Fools and Horses!!! and well .............were is your neck !!

    We will do it again sometime in the near future, and this time Andy will get a deer. Thank you to you and Andy for your company, I enjoyed the morning, although it would have been nice to see the sun, but the weather is one thing you cannot change.

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    Hi sikadelboy
    I didnt want to mention but................ I was wondering where you had parked the reliant
    When we venture out again malcolm im leaving my rifle in the truck At least andy will be in for a better chance that way

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    Nice picture Nick, but where is Malcolm's other hand?

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    Ahh my neck Well it was that cold my shoulders decided to suck my head in to keep it warm Either that or ive got 1 of its antlers stuck up my A##e

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    Now you know why hes got that smirky little grin on his face Think thats bad you should of seen what Andy was doing when he was taking the picture.......... thats why he didnt get 1 i think
    Have you noticed that he aint in the picture probably didnt want anyone seeing his hair do That long orange hair aint to everyones taste you know

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