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    dry skin

    my lab dog gets dry skin on top of his snout,the vet checked him out and didnt know what caused it used different creams/changed food then after months his hair grew back on its own.hes not rubbing it on anything neither.any one got any ideas on what may help?it doesnt hurt him it just looks a bit of a mess.

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    Could you please give a break down of the types of food you have fed your dog ? Is it dry wet etc. Any extras ? Also the colour of the dog and time of year his nose was affected and when it recovered. Also does he use his nose in the undergrowth a lot.

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    they have dry food with the odd tin of meat or oily fish now and again.

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    The chances are your dog is suffering a slight deficiency of the fat soluble vitamins ADEK as it is common for dogs on dry diets to have a harsh coat and the nose seems to show it first. I know what the bag says but it doesn't always suit the dogs. It you have access to raw bones this helps not only their teeth but also their diet. Also a tin of pilchards in tomato sauce goes down well, cheaper than tinned dog food. Scraps from the table, no cooked bones, added into diet and if they will eat fruit go for it. If you have a roast some of the gravy over the biscuits. The occasional raw egg. It is going to take you at least a month to start seeing an improvement. When I am gralloching the dogs line up for what is going although too much lights can give them diarrhoea, If you wish to discuss further pm me

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    thanks morena
    i will give it a try,the bitch is fine just him but then again no two are the same.i will let you know how we get on,when it happened a few years ago he was on a more expensive food after changing him to the one they are on now it healed up and furred over again.

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