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Thread: Rrvi GROM Bullet - Any Opinions?

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    Rrvi GROM Bullet - Any Opinions?

    Has anybody tried these in the larger .30" and 8mm calibres please?

    Any opinions for use in UK on deer from muntjac through roe to red and also on wild boar? Is it really "one bullet for all"? I've seen one review in the shooting press from a PH in Eastern Europe who had a good opinion of it from six hundred uses.

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    I've seen them being used by shooters in Croatia and they have all dropped Boar but then so have the ones I use.
    They are well thought of over there and as I see Henry Krank is now selling them I have bought some to try.
    I don't think they will work any better than others but they are certainly cheaper so that makes it worth using them anyway.

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