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Thread: Primer pocket reamer

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    Primer pocket reamer

    Does any one use a primer pocket reamer? If so how often do you use it?


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    Im probably being a bit dim here but are you asking how often to clean out a primer pocket or how often to use a Primer Pocket Reamer Vs another tool maybe?

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    i think a reamer reshapes or recuts the pocket rather than clean it.


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    Oh right I see what you mean i was reading reamer and thinking cleaner. I dont use military brass so dont really have a need to use a reamer to get rid of crimps
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    so you only need to use a reamer on military brass? you do not need to use on standard factory brass?


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    Primary use of a reamer is to get rid of the crimp that you get in military brass. Not actually having seen any in the flesh my understanding of it is more academic but basically in military brass the primer is crimped in to the primer pocket, so if you want to use it with normal primers you have to cut out the crimp which is where the reamer comes in.

    A Uniformer on the other hand will re size badly shaped primer pockets and flash holes back to a uniform size. From my point of view tho if i get a pocket that looks that bad I would generally toss the brass away and move on lol

    Hope that makes sense.

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    so is a uniformer diferent to the flat bladded pocket cleaning tool?

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    Yes, I ream the primer pocket every time I prep the brass (243 Win & 260 Rem). It removes some soot, but it's very rare that any brass is removed. In effect all I am doing is confirming that I have a primer pocket that is deep enough to be reprimed. I then take a wire brush to the pocket to remove any residual primer residue. I then put the brass in the ultrasonic cleaner before carrying on with full length resizing. It's not a vital operation but I follow the same process every time I prep brass. I have a check list and tick off each step as it is completed.

    Rgds JCS
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    Yes. The uniformer is actually a cutting tool that will square up the floor of a primer pocket and make sure your brass has a uniform depth. The flat blade tool you mention sounds like a Lee Primer Pocket cleaner which is really just a scraper that gets rid of spent primer residue.

    JCS which cleaner do you use? Ive got one of those Ultra 600o Mappers specials and have to say have not been overwhelmed by it.

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    I use the following ultrasonic cleaner. Not wowed by it, but stuck with it until it gives up the ghost.
    I find it takes a while to get stuff clean and could do with a spare basket.

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