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Thread: Burris Eliminator

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    Burris Eliminator

    Ive just been reading a very comprehensive article in Shooting Times about the Burris Eliminator Laser Scope.

    It seems to effectively be a zero compensating scope which uses internal balistic data in conjunction with a built in laser range finder to adjust zero on the fly for any distance.

    Cabelas are selling these for around $850 which sounds like a bargain price. I wondered if anyone had any experience or views on this unit?

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    This scope is using some EXBAL computations, the same system used by a gold medal winning shooter known to some on this forum, I have Burris on my .270 & think very highly of it, I wouldn't mind trying one of these!
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    a bit on the weighty side, 1lb 10 oz, can you dial in for windage ?.....callie

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    Sounds like a nice peice of kit for a Varminter rifle, but 1000 in the UK 500 in the USa, i see our importers are robbing us blind again.
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    Ive just bought one from the states i will be setting it up next week will let you know how i get on....alan

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    here is one on evilbay that will ship ,New Burris Eliminator Rangefinding Riflescope - eBay (item 120649428721 end time Dec-18-10 19:58:45 PST) but i have seen them going for around $700 on there might be someone over in the states on here that would ship one out

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    Got scope from the states but then decided to buy a new rifle rem 700 waited ages for the correct mounts finally got out sunday three fox good day out...really good scope well worth the wait.........

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