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Thread: New - Mile Long Shooting Range - In the UK.

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    Definitely interested in this if it is happening, nowhere else in the north east for long range shooting, however not able to find anything on their website about it?

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    Where exactly is this range please

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    this what address your after mate

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    The range is open with work progressing.

    In due course there will be a bothy with WC and tea/coffee facilities. The road requires a bit more work but at present you are transfered from the car park to the firing point by tractor/trailor.

    THere is a 100 yard zero target then gongs from 300 yards out to 1.5k. They vary in size from 5 x 3 to 6". You have the option of shooting from a bench or prone. If prone take a shooting mat.

    Hot food is available in the village at the Hub Eskdalemuir and it is good.

    At present you are required to be a member of Gardners Gun Rifle Club . This is due to 3rd party insurance but this may change to offer day membership. Membership is 50 which includes Longtown range plus 50 per day range fee. There will be a minimum number of shooters per booking.

    The range is fully approved by the Scottish Government for any centre fire calibre. We have already played with .50 and .338.

    We have another range already approved in Eskdalemuir which will be for formal target shooting out to 1000 yards so will be ideal for Benchrest and F Class. Awaiting planning permission for the club house.

    Any questions give the shop a ring 01228 792535.


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