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Thread: Scope Comparisons

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    Scope Comparisons

    There are a lot of discussions, and very valuable ones at that, about what scope is better than another, how they perform in different light conditions etc.

    I have always been of the view that there are so many variables that I would never say a scope I have is better than someone elses, simply that it works well for me.

    It led me to wonder if there was an easy way to take a photo with a digital camera through a scope at various times of the day to try to illustrate how the optic performs?

    I know this isnt the most scientific of experiments but for a bit of fun wondered if anyone had any good ways of taking a photo through a scope?

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    Tape a three inch section of the tube inside a bog roll to the scope eyepiece to get the correct eye relief then put the lens of the camera against the tube a snap away. You still get a 'ring' of scope tube but photoshop is your friend

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