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Thread: Ellie with her first buck. week end in wiltshire

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    Ellie with her first buck. week end in wiltshire

    Ellie's first buck.

    Wilkshire weekend.

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    Well Done Ellie
    nice to see a fellow woman stalker taking up the sport
    Hope this is the first of many for you

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    Well done, a good weekend, I live in Wiltshire, not seen that amount of Bucks around, I don't stalk around here right enough though.

    Where were you?

    Well done, well deserved pat on the back.


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    good weekend had by all, i'd say
    congrats to ellie,
    nice start to the season and hope it's the first of many

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    Ahh its always good to see a young person enjoying a fabulous sport, especially when its a young lady. Well done to you, I hope its the begining of many a succesful outing for you and Muddy.

    From the photo it would appear to be a red letter day, especially as the weather has not been that good of late.



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    Well done Ellie,
    Your face says it all! A very nice little buck.

    That's some muntjac Muddy, what was the weight of the beast and what was the length of the antlers?

    Thanks for posting the photos!

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    The munty was 36 lb and the antlers were between 4 to 5 inchs not bad but it was the smallest of the two we saw.

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    Well done ellie
    Your face says it all. Good on ya

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    Hi 222cwd,
    Welcome to the site, I've heard alot about you. All good by the way!

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    Hi 222cwd

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