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Thread: GS Custom Bullets

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    GS Custom Bullets

    Gents and Ladies

    I wondered if anyone on the site is using or has used these bullets (they do monolith, lathe turned, expanding solids) for target and hunting applications, if so where did you get them.

    The reason I ask is the UK dealer has, been pretty poor in their handling of my requests, I ordered a supply two years ago and despite calls, e-mails etc, they have not manifested themselves - I have now given up trying to source them within these shores.

    I am not looking at using these for hunting application, they are for a special build I am planning for an ELR rifle based on one of the high BC SP bullets they do.

    I now need to source a consistant suply.

    Any suggestion would be great (sensible ones) alternatively does anyone have any knowledge or expeience of dealing with South African exports?

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    Ever asked if the GS company wants sending these bullets straight to you? Maybe they will. There are two other companys selling "similar" bullets. I am not very technical, so it might not be what you look for :
    - impalabullets
    - jaguar-geschosse
    Through google you can easely find their web site.

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    Impala link,
    All is in german but there are lots of pictures showing ballistic results.

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    Thanks guys,

    Rik, the links were most helpful, also contacted by a couple of others via PM, thanks again - you know who you are.

    Dan, cheers, not quite what I am after, but look interesting for short range work

    What I am after are is a .375 cal with a BC of .9 orhigher..........

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    There is guys on the longrange hunting forum in the states shooting 375 cal rifles at silly distances i am not sure what bullets they aer using but i am sure that someone on there will be able to help.I think the guy to speak to would be kirby allen who builds allen magnum rifles.He is using lathe turned bullets,Check out his .270 allen magnum based on a .338 lap case

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    Thanks Sean

    I know of Kirby and have been in contact with him historically (7 years? ago) regarding the Wildcat Custom bullets that Richard Graves used to manufacture in Canada.

    I think I know have a source for the GS lathe turned solids, and an alternative from Predator in Australia (lathe turned solids again)

    The rifle is not for stalking, but extreme range target shooting, the goal is to achieve half minute accuracy out to beyond a mile, for that I need a very high BC bullet and a large case to drive it (which is sorted).

    This is a long term project for me, others are already ahead of me in the states and I could have just built a .50, but that wouldn't be half as interesting....

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    I recently saw something very similar you are mentioning in the latest Woodleigh broschur.
    Maybe it`s easier to get hold of these?


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