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Thread: 308 sako 85 hunter cant get it to group

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    308 sako 85 hunter cant get it to group

    Pal of mine has a sako model 85 hunter in 308 with a 20" barrel, make no mistake this guy can shoot, however he is having difficulty geting this rifle to group using 150 grain factory ammunition off a bipod without the moderator. He has asked me to load up some reloads for him wich we will do using fire formed cases etc. anyone out there any experience with this rifle. By the way the rifle groups a lot beter with the sound moderator on.

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    Try a different brand of factory ammo.
    Rifles can be fussy things.
    A friend had similar problems with a .243 years ago, I told him to take the unused ammo back to the shop and do an exchange for some different breeds.
    The rifle became a virtual one-holer overnight !


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    already tried to no avail, best results from lapua 3" at 100yds worst from federal

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    thats a good one i myself years ago got my variation so as well as 243 put 308 on ticket bought brand new sako 74 hunter and no matter what re-loads i tryed & factory ammo it wouldnt group next step i glass bedded rifle, lightened trigger and back to range 243 200yds bench rest grouped its usual 1" great!! 308 just as bad, so back to the re-loading so tryed instead of lighter bullet weight i loaded batch of 220g bullets and clover leafed at 100yds so i know thats your best bet try anything over 200g bullet heads hope this helps, let me know cheers calum
    Quote Originally Posted by DCG View Post
    already tried to no avail, best results from lapua 3" at 100yds worst from federal

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    Do you get the same results with someone else trying? No being a "Suck Eggs" but I assume everything is tight as it's meant to be?

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    My .243 Sako 75 was grouping at 2" at 100yds with an 85 grain federal hollow point. switched to norma 100g sp, and immediately grouped 1/4"! Gave the barrell a good clean, really focused on my shooting technique and solid rest from prone, no wind, etc. and was able to group 5 rounds at 1/8"...

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    As stated the guy can realy shoot, lots and lots of practice with 7.62/308, i have also tried rifle. We have tried several different brands of factory ammo and different bullet weights, some obviously group better than others, but cant get under 2" at 100 yards when shooting off a bipod, however will group sub moa with moderator on. My main question was to try and see if anyone out there had experience with this particular rifle/calibre/barrel length combination, or at least with 20" 308 loads to give me a starting point to knock up some reloads for him. Most of the factory data refers to barrels of a longer length, I therefore suspect that selecting the right bullet weight/powder combination to obtain desired results will be critical for this particular rifle, I am hoping that if someone else has already done the hard work, there's no point reinventing the wheel and all I will have to do is tweak it a bit.

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    DCG. In my humble opinion you should either shoot the rifle mod on or mod off. If you try to do both you are if effect shooting with two different rifles which may require two completely different loads. Secondly, I can't spot in the thread what kind of mod you are using, but that will be a factor too. I had a light barrelled rifle that shot factory ammo better with the AU-S5 mod on the end as opposed to a T8 over the barrel. I would just put the moderator on and get shooting. Rgds JCS

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    I've heard of several 85's lying around at smiths waiting for re-barrel.
    It might be just another dud.
    Get it checked by a smith with a borescope.
    I wouldn't be impressed about sako barrels. Great actions though.


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    Hi jcs, thanks for reply, sound advice.
    If it was my rifle that would be my attitude. However it isnt, but I do enjoy a chalenge.

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