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Thread: Gallery issuses

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    Gallery issuses

    I am having problems with my gallery
    it only lets me download certain pics even though they are all the same size taken with the same camera from the same folders
    also it only allowing me a certain bandwith in which any Albums I create all become subject to this,
    so to add a series of new pics or create a new Album
    I hav to delete pics already posted in my gallery to make room
    is there anything i can do to change this
    cheers in advance

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    Hi Stone,

    The photos it doesn't let you upload, what actually happens? Do you get an error?

    Regarding the space limit, unfortunately we have to limit the space per user otherwise it would be theoretically possible to fill the server up which would cause the site to crash!

    Most of your images are pretty large, you would be able to get a lot more on if you resize them down a bit before uploading.


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    Cheers Alex
    will start again and resize the choice few for the gallery,

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